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ORP-101 is a new chemical entity designed with intent to create a large stable molecule and to confer partial μ agonist and full κ-antagonist receptor pharmacology. 

Key highlights:

  • ORP-101 has been shown in preclinical studies to not cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • ORP-101 successfully completed Phase 1 and was granted FDA Fast Track designation in 2018.
  • ORP-101 regulatory path to NDA has been agreed with the FDA.
  • ORP-101 Phase 2 currently enrolling, utilizing adaptive 3-month treatment design powered for Phase 3 predictive outcomes.

ORP-105 is a non-addictive, centrally-acting, non-opiate analgesic that targets the same receptors as acetaminophen but does not form metabolites that cause liver injury.


ORP-110 is a metabolically-stable, non-depletory cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator potentiator.